Harlequin Carafe - Golden Round

Harlequin Carafe - Golden Round

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When luxurious Table Setting matters

Harlequin is a collection of modern and classic mouth blown drinking glasses and carafes. The collection is ideal for a beautiful table setting. 

The Harlequin collection combines the classic Harlequin pattern with modern design. 

The broad specktrum of colors and shapes ensures rich styling options and combinations, that allows you to create your own unique table setting.  

Choose a single color for a harmonious classic expression or mix the various colors for a more playful look and expression.

The entire collection is produced in Europe, where old traditional mouth blown handicraft techniques are applied, which means that each glass and carafe is unique. 

The carafe is also ideal to use as a vase with your favorite flowers and beautiful bouquets.





21 cm


18 cm

 Dish washer

Dishwasher safe at a glass programmme but we recommend to wash by hand.
Colors Available in 5 colors
Contains 2 liter

Care instructions

The carafe is dishwasher safe at a glass programme, but we recommend to wash by hand.


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