When First Impression Matters

Spectrum is based on passion. Passion for modern, well-executed design, rich traditional craftsmanship and unique products. We do not believe in machine production - but instead in unique products for unique homes that tells a story.

Our products are the interaction between a love of Scandinavian and authentic design, good craftsmanship and geekiness for every step of the process - because you deserve it, and your home deserves it. The home is the place where life is lived - and that must be able to be seen, felt and expressed.

Interior Design to all moments of life 

With a broad specktrum of colors, shapes and patterns, our collections are designed with the focus on everyday life and settings -  whether it's about everyday luxury, glamorous festivities or a self-pampering quiet moment. Mix, Match and Combine the various styles for a unique and personal expression. 

All of our designs are drawn by our skilled and passionate designers, where a hand sketch is always the first step through an exciting and creative design process. 

"Due to our curious and uncompromising approach to our design universe, we often work with a very long design process, where it can take years from a design idea until we have the final approved design" - Kristina Laursen 

We always make a virtue of making an effort, and our competent and passionate partners are no exception. We have close, long-term collaborations and partnerships with competent enthusiasts around the world, who are all pioneers within their field. This ensures us a unique expertise in the production of our products, and that all of our designs are produced in high quality, under good conditions and with great respect for the traditional craftmanship. It is unique handmade techniques that enrich us with products where not two are alike, but instead appear unique and with distinctive character. It is craftsmanship that has been passed down through generations, combining rich and traditional craft techniques with our modern and Scandinavian design.

Documented Responsible Production  

We are proud of our certifications, which mean something very special as it is our documented proof of our environmental and social responsibility.

In conjunction with our passion for unique and exclusive design, it is also extremely valuable to us that our products are guaranteed to be produced under proper and environmental conditions. That is why we are incredibly proud of our GOTS certification. This certification is both our own, but also our customers' guarantee that we live up to and comply with what we say. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an internationally recognized standard for organic fibers in the textile, and this certification gives us and our customers a credible and well-documented guarantee for environmentally and socially responsible production. Here it is ensured that all requirements within both environmental and social criteria are complied with and apply to all stages, as each stage is certified and 100% traceable – right from the organically planted seed to the finished product. You can read more about our GOTS certification here.

We are also proud of our FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, which guarantees that our products designed in wood originate from sustainably managed forests.