Storm vase - Clear
Storm vase - Clear
Storm vase - Clear
Storm vase - Clear

Storm vase - Clear

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Finest, numbered crystal luxury

Storm is a collection of luxurious and decorative asymmetrical crystal designs. The Storm vase is the newest design for the collection. Each Storm vase is carefully numbered on the bottom, and today designs range from the numbers 1 to 30.

The clear crystal beautifully accentuates floral arrangements and works equally well as a sculptural object in its own expression.

Storm consists of solid crystal glass. Therefore, make sure not to place the vase in direct sunlight or where the sun's rays can hit it, as crystal can act as a magnifying glass.
Carefully clean the design with a dry cloth.


Material Crystal Glass
Height  cm
Diameter  cm
Exclusive, numbered

Numbered and hand carved


Around 10 kg.

Care instructions

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