Specktra Bowl No. 2 - Grey Large

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Luxurious Elegance

The Specktra Bowl No. 2 is an exclusive and luxurious bowl.

The multifunctional design ensures a wide spectrum of applications and decor solutions. Let the Specktra bowl serve as a beautiful focal point in the home.

The Specktra collection combines traditional and rich craftsmanship techniques with modern luxury and elegance. The entire collection is mouth-blown and produced in Europe. Due to the handmade process, each bowl is unique. This means that there may be variations in terms of air bubbles, weight, and pattern from bowl to bowl, which is part of the craftsmanship that we love, appreciate, and admire.





11,5 cm

Top Diameter

23 cm


Can be washed in the dishwasher on the glass program, but we recommend handwashing.
Color Tilgængelig i 5 farver

Care instructions

The Specktra bowl is dishwasher safe on the glass program at low temperatures. However, we recommend washing them by hand.

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