Evelyn Ceramic Vase - Brown

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Modern design and rich craftsmanship 

With its unique, natural characteristics, the Evelyn ceramic vase is a modern addition to the home - designed to become a favorite - whether it is decorated with seasonal flowers or whether it stands and is a design icon in its own right.

The Evelyn vase is handmade, which makes each vase unique. The Evelyn vase is made of a natural material, which means that marks and variations will occur. The Evelyn ceramic vase is available in 3 natural colours. The handmade technique is an old and rich craft that has been passed down for generations. We work very closely with our production to combine our modern designs with their traditional skills. We embrace the unique process and characteristics of production - this means that each product is unique and variation as well as 'imperfections' are part of the rich handmade production that we love and value.


Materiale Ceramic
Height 27 cm
24 cm
Handmade production Handmade

Care instructions

Wash by hand. 

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