Sadie Vase - Drops - Green Medium

Sadie Vase - Drops - Green Medium

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When Appearance matters.

Sadie Drops Vase, with its round shape and mouth blown droplets, is an obvious design vase for the home - all year round - regardless of flower trends. Arrange beautiful flowers or let the vase stand freely as a design object.

The entire series is produced in Europe, where old traditional craftsmanship techniques are used. Please note that each Sadie vase is mouth blown. Therefore, each vase is unique. This means that there may be variations in the form of air bubbles, weight, and pattern from vase to vase, which is part of the craftsmanship that we love, appreciate, and admire.


Material Glass
Mouth blown Mouth blown in europe
Diameter 25 cm

Care instructions

Clean by hand.

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