Alison - Off White Bedspread
Alison - Off White Bedspread

Alison - Off White Bedspread

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Cosy, delicate and exclusive softness

Create a luxurious hotel atmosphere with the Alison bedspread. With its beautiful light shade and fine quality, the Alison bedspread adds a refined and cozy touch to the interior.

We have worked to create a cruelty-free "wool" collection, which means that the Alison collection has the luxurious look and feel you know from wool, but without animals involved, as the combination is a very special blend. The result is an elegant and honest textile collection, which is ideal to style with our existing cushion collection.

Alison is also available as a plaid.  


Color Off white
Length 260 cm
Width 260 cm


Care instructions

Withstands 30 degree gentle. Do not iron.

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