Meadow Stemware - Green Drinking glass

Meadow Stemware - Green Drinking glass

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European, mouth blown glass

Meadow is a collection consisting of modern, sleek, and handmade pitchers, vases, wine glasses, and now with accompanying drinking glasses. The Meadow collection is ideal for a beautiful table setting.

The Meadow collection is mouth blown and produced in Europe. Due to the handmade process, each glass is unique. This means that there may be variations in weight, color, and pattern from glass to glass. Also, note that due to the mouth blown technique, air bubbles are a natural part of the handmade process.



 Mouth blown glass.


9.5 cm.


8.5 cm.


Can be washed on the glass program at low temperatures.. 
Color Available in 7 colors.

Care instructions

The Meadow drinking glass is dishwasher safe on the glass program at low temperatures.

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